Do not sell my personal information

Your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides you with rights regarding how your data or personal information is treated. Under the legislation, California residents can choose to opt out of the “sale” of their personal information to third parties. Based on the CCPA definition, “sale” refers to data collection for the purpose of creating advertising and other communications. Learn more about CCPA and your privacy rights.

How to opt out

By clicking on the link below, we will no longer collect or sell your personal information. This applies to both third-parties and the data we collect to help personalize your experience on our website or through other communications. For more information, view our privacy policy.

DaVinci Mobile Application Privacy

The DaVinci mobile application is designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share.The DaVinci mobile application can consolidate data from your device, wearable devices, digital tools, and apps you use so you can have a more comprehensive view of your health information in one convenient place. You are in control over which data is stored in the DaVinci app and which data is shared with third-party apps and people you trust.

You remain in control over which DaVinci app features you use, such as Cycle Tracking, Recovery, Fitness Tracking and Sleep. You can enable and disable the features available in the DaVinci mobile application at any time. Certain health and fitness features may use your region to determine feature availability.

Davinci’s mobile application integrates various health data from third party applications. This data will not be used for advertising. Applications integrated will also be required to provide users with a privacy policy that details use of health data. Access to the health data obtained from the applications is controlled by the user’s Privacy settings. 

Users are asked to grant access when applications request access to health data, similar to Contacts, Photos, and other mobile data sources. However, with health data, applications are granted separate access for reading and writing data, as well as separate access for each type of health data. Users can view, and revoke, permissions they’ve granted for accessing health data under privacy and device settings.